It’s clobberin’ time!

Very sensibly, I decided to leave it until the 11th hour to make a decklist for a Gatecrash Gameday on Saturday. This likely means what I have in my grubby mutts now is a very sloppy deck which might get me to 4th but is unlikely to get me that lovely Deathpact Angel playmat. Which is a shame, because it’s extremely pretty.

Deathpact Angel Playmat

So pretty. I wants it, but I may just end up getting it off eBay for a ridiculous price. Failing that I might buy one of Noah Bradley’s amazing playmats instead. We’ll see!

But the Firemane Avenger? Well, there are a full eight of those on offer. I should be able to top-8, surely! I usually do in Constructed, so I don’t think it’s too far a stretch to hope for one of these babies:

Firemane Avenger full art

And no. I’m not going to post my decklist. There are people watching, you know! People who might be willing to stay up later than me to get this done! Paranoia Mode Engaged!

Come back on Saturday and I’ll share the full decklist, as well as the results!

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6 thoughts on “It’s clobberin’ time!

  1. theshamelessgeek says:

    Hey, looking forward to reading your report on how the event goes, though I believe the Game Day mat is Merciless Eviction this time around – that mat appears to be a GP one

    • Troo says:

      Yeah, I think our shop managed to get a leftover GP one. But we’ll see! Merciless Eviction’s still pretty 😀

      What I wouldn’t give for a Gift of Orzhova playmat though…

      • theshamelessgeek says:

        Gift really is an example of great art in Magic, I may try my hand at the Merciless Eviction one on Sunday (ours has been moved back due to a PTQ on Saturday), if I do I think I’ll take a Naya aggro list to play. I like the idea of something with Experiment One, Emissaries and the Core Set Boar

      • Troo says:

        I get the feeling that if I’d had a few more days in which to organise myself, I might have managed a more dangerous deck with the cards at my disposal, but it is what it is. We shall see! 😀

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