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Star Trek Into Darkness Review

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This is a damn fine film. You should watch it.

Oh, what, you wanted more than that? Well, see, the Americans don’t have it yet, and in spite of IMDB’s epic spoiler I’m actually trying not to contribute to a Stateside Fan Meltdown. So, no spoilers.

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Into Darkness continues the alternative universe introduced by Star Trek in 2009. I think it’s safe to say that if you had a problem with this “reboot”, then you probably aren’t going to be a big fan of Into Darkness either. But I loved Star Trek, and I bloody loved this film too.

Things I like about it:

  • James T. Kirk is very intelligent. It’s becoming clear exactly how he makes it as Starfleet’s youngest ever captain.
  • Kirk’s influence on Spock’s personality is starting to show itself.
  • The film is littered with references and plot hooks from all of Trek canon, not just TOS.
  • At heart, this film is all about morality – very much a part of Roddenberry’s original vision.
  • There’s not a dud bit of acting or casting anywhere.
  • The score, as with the first film, is superb.
  • Visual effects? Perfect.
  • It’s two hours long, but you won’t notice the time pass.
  • Chekov’s face when he’s told to put a red shirt on.

Hangar Bay

Things I’m a little less sure about:

  • I think some plot points were glossed over too quickly and could have used just a couple more lines of dialogue to explain to viewers less familiar with Trek canon.
  • A certain blonde’s boobage felt a little gratuitous.
  • It wasn’t as tightly plotted as the 2009 film.
  • The 3D doesn’t really do much for it other than some spear-throwing at the start of the film.

Enterprise Falling

Obviously it wouldn’t be a Star Trek film without the Enterprise getting shot to shit.

Away Team

And Benedict Cumberbatch? Not stunt casting, I promise you. Look at this man. This man wants you dead:

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Verdict: 9/10.

It falls short of a perfect 10 due to a couple of tiny niggles, but I’ll take 9/10 any day!

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Hey, Troo, come back!

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It’s been so long, the cat died!*

Like, seriously, where’ve you been?

All my bad, folks. I took on some freelance work that took me a hell of a time to complete, so I haven’t had the time for either gaming or blogging. But the job’s done now, so I’m back.

I’ve also decided to broaden the scope of this blog to cover other things – film, TV, comics, that kind of stuff. This is because if I don’t have time for gaming it’s usually because I’m watching things or reading instead, so why not include ’em? Don’t worry, it’ll stay nerdy. I won’t dive off into the murky world of Rom Coms (*shudder*).

*Don’t worry. The cat didn’t really die.