Gatecrash Pre-Release

I’m looking forward to Gatecrash. It has more guilds in line with my favoured colour combinations than Return to Ravnica did, and the mechanics released in the spoiler drip-feed look more relevant to my play-style.

In particular I’m hoping to get hold of some of these:

I do occasionally like to float the Millboat, which (I know, I know) makes me a bastard. But let’s face it, the Duskmantle Guildmage is going to be lovely with Jace, Memory Adept (or “Jace the Mill Bastard”), and already the cost of a Jace, MA, has leaped to the highest I’ve seen in months. Seems I’m not alone in this (very obvious) train of thought. And Mind Grind? Well now. I think I just got a little overexcited. Excuse me while I go take a cold shower.

The Crypt Ghast is an Extort enabler, and protecting it will be a serious priority if it gets cast – similarly removing it from your opponent if he’s fielding Orzhov against you is going to be one of your top goals. High Priest of Penance? Good god, yes. You need to slow your opponent while you nibble them to death with Extort, so dissuading them from attacking you is great. Nobody wants to trade a valuable, targetable nonland permanent for a WB 1/1. Pop some Illusionist Bracers on him and they’ll be doubly reluctant to let you kill him off as a chumpblocker. And if you can make him more resilient? Well, then he’s just exponentially lovely!

Hopefully Gatecrash will have some affordable counters and removal, or Sealed format could be a nightmare for anyone facing off against any of these cards.

Obviously I hope the reverse: That I pull all these lovelies and that nobody can take them off me!

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